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Issue 12 | March 4, 2023

This newsletter contains dispatches from the Podcasting Community on Discord


Hi, there! Thanks for opening this week's Dispatch from Discord. Read on for podcast industry news, events, member news, and much more.

-- Arielle Nissenblatt (moderator and Podcasting Discord founder)

Top Stories from Discord

Thank you to everyone who shared stories, recommendations, links, and resources with us throughout the week. 

  • At Hot Pod Summit last week, it was announced that YouTube finally has a plan for podcasts. Read more about it.

  • Ringmaster has created a guest submission form that you can fill out if you want to be considered for podcasting guesting opportunities on their show and beyond. Learn more and submit.

  • Pushkin Industries and The Bell announced a new podcast incubator for college students. Learn more about it.

  • Looking to find newsletters in your podcast's general topic area? ReLetter is a new product from the folks who make Rephonic. Discover it here.

  • Spreaker, a podcast hosting provider from iHeart Media, announced that it now has a free tier. Learn more.

Member News

The following news stories have been shared throughout the week with us in the #📢 | self-promo channel on Discord. To be included, make sure you're sharing with us!

  • From max monday: "New season of the 'Let's Make' series is out and has three episodes available." Last season was Let's Make a Sci-Fi, this time around, Let's Make a Rom-Com. Listen here.

  • From Keelin: "The Monthly Magpie is out! I ask some questions, make a tiny announcement, and highlight my two reviews from this month. I also finally hit 100 subscribers!" Read it. 

  • Gary (Everything Everywhere) shared his February 2023 Podcast Report.

  • Scott Miles shares that "My team at Houston Public Media got news that we won best documentary award (among large stations) from the Texas Association of Broadcasters for our Hurricane Harvey podcast Below the Waterlines." Here's the announcement.

  • EspookyCristina of Cultiv8 is "kicking off Women's History Month with Acuzena Villafor." Listen here to her story.

  • Spicy Nigel's crowdfunding campaign has gone live! Learn more and support.

  • SeanLoots started a newsletter called The Podcast Catalyst, geared towards African podcast creators. Subscribe.

Podcast of the Week

Each week, Keelin selects one podcast from the links submitted in #self-promo.

This week, Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason, submitted by @ourstrangedays.

Conspiracy loving Flat Earthers, Randy Dunning and Gayle Kruger, will do anything to make the next great viral video. They’ll even kidnap a Freemason and keep him locked in their basement until he tells them what the Freemasons are really doing behind those closed doors. Listen.

Dispatcher of the Week

Welcome to our member spotlight section! To be featured in a future issue of the newsletter, DM us on Discord or reply to this email!

Meet Christine Blackburn

Christine Blackburn is a comedian and the creator/producer of the Story Worthy Podcast, Story Smash the Storytelling Game Show and My Life In 3 Songs, exclusively on Spotify. She has hosted/guested on over 1000 podcasts.


These events are sourced from within Discord. Make sure to submit your events so we can feature them!

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