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This newsletter contains dispatches from the Podcasting Community on Discord.

Issue 5 | January 13, 2023


Happy Friday, if you celebrate! This week has been an exciting one on the Discord as we had another virtual event, we discussed some fascinating industry articles, and #pet-pictures had some cat-centric action.

Yes, that was a shameless plug for more pet pictures, what do you want from me?

I know I'm a moderator, but I really do enjoy getting up and checking Discord before other social media sites. Keep asking questions, sharing news, and being a part of this little corner of the Internet.

— Keelin

Top Stories from the Podcasting Community on Discord

Thank you to everyone who shared stories, recommendations, links, and resources with us throughout the week.

  • Nick Quah looks at 2023: What are your thoughts? Read the article.

  • Skye Pillsbury asks: Why Was 'Podcast Magazine' so Weird? Read the article.

  • Casting call: Re: Dracula put out a casting call.

  • Notion puts you in motion: Over in our #Producing channel, we had some great conversations about organization.

  • Event recap: Thank you to Evan for suggesting a chat about TikTok and Reels for podcast promotion. Check out the recording here.

  • AI in video content creation: Aug X Labs is offering members of our Discord access to free videos. Learn more by visiting the homepage and registering for their beta — when you get the survey, tell them you found the link on Discord.

  • Podcasting wants your eyes: Morning Consult looks at the role of video in podcasting. Read the article.

Member News

The following news stories have been shared throughout the week with us in the #self-promo channel on Discord. To be included, make sure you're sharing with us!

  • Hearthbound ended their Kickstarter: (spoiler alert: they're fully funded!) See their Kickstarter.

  • StargatePioneer writes, "In December, I spoke to Jason from the Smoking And Drinking In Space show about podcasting through the loss of a cohost as well as his overall journey and experience with podcasting." Listen.

  • From Anna B. Rader: "The newest episode of Carbon Copy is out. This week, in collaboration with Grist, reporter Emily Pontecorvo dives into a mystery: the electrician shortage." Listen.

  • Sounds Profitable's website has a new look: check it out here.

Podcast of the Week

Keelin, one of our moderators (AKA me), selects one podcast per week from the links submitted in #self-promo.

This week, Beyond 6 Seconds, submitted by Carolyn:

First impressions can take only 6 seconds to make! But if you’re neurodivergent, those quick judgments about you can be misleading. That’s where the Beyond 6 Seconds podcast comes in.

Dispatcher of the Week

Welcome to our member spotlight section! To be featured in a future issue of the newsletter, DM us on Discord or reply to this email!

Meet Ryan Boelter

"In 2018, I started as (and still am) a co-host on the Character Creation Cast podcast. My co-host Amelia and I learn about different Role Playing Games through the lens of character creation with guests throughout the TTRPG industry/community. I learned how to do basic audio editing from this and eventually graduated into doing freelance sound design for various projects including Actual Plays, Audio Dramas, and other discussion shows. I dabble pretty much everywhere, though. I've done AD directing and writing a few times already, game design, a little bit of streaming of actual play stuff, and I've got more ideas than is feasible for me to handle at any given time"


These events are sourced from within Discord.

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