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Issue 9 | February 11, 2023

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Top Stories from Discord

Thank you to everyone who shared stories, recommendations, links, and resources with us throughout the week. 

  • On Air Fest: The Podcast Experience RAFFLE - if you're in the New York area and want to attend The Podcast Experience in Brooklyn from February 23-26, enter now. The contest ends on Sunday.

  • What do you do while you're listening to podcasts? Mackensie Freeman posed this question after reading an article shared in Podnews from YouGov about American listening habits.

  • How are the major podcast platforms doing? Podnews would like to know what you think. Fill out the Podnews Report Card. James Cridland will share the findings of the survey at Podcast Movement Evolutions in March in Las Vegas.

  • Podcasts are hard to grow! Jeremy Enns wants to change that. He's inviting you to fill out the Podcast Marketing Trends 2023 survey.

Member News

The following news stories have been shared throughout the week with us in the #📢 | self-promo channel on Discord. To be included, make sure you're sharing with us!

  • AndrewC1000 works with producers, directors, composers, editors, costume designers, and more behind-the-camera talent in TV and film. He writes, "if anyone is looking to book cool guests from your favorite shows, please reach out as I'd love to connect!"

  • Adam shares the news that Snyder's Return chats with TTRPG game designer and artist Federico Sohns of Araukana Media about his memory recovery game.

  • Rachelsholiday writes, "This week's episode of What The Finance is about budgeting when you don't have regular paydays." She imagines that our Discord probably contains a fair number of contract workers, so this episode might be of use.

  • Feedback forums on Discord: We have a set of forums for feedback, including space to talk about podcast artwork and website functionality.

  • Kamijace writes, "This week, we're taking a really deep look at Black intersectionality and how it affects Black gamers and gaming communities."

Podcast of the Week

Each week, Keelin selects one podcast from the links submitted in #self-promo.

This week, Afflicted

"Lovecraft Country" meets "True Blood" in this new series from award-winning producers Tonia Ransom and Jen Zink. In this season, a small East Texas town suffers supernatural disasters caused by a demonic book bound in human flesh...and only hoodoo can save the town from its affliction.

Dispatcher of the Week

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Meet Marcus dePaula

Marcus dePaula is a professional audio engineer, podcast producer, and website designer based in Franklin, TN.

Find Marcus:


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