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Happy almost 2023!

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Issue 3 | December 30th, 2022


Happy almost 2023! Arielle here. We'll keep this issue on the shorter side since it's almost New Year's Eve and I know you've got places to be or relaxations to take part in.

Here are some goals I have for our Discord community in Q1 of 2023:

  • Weekly Discord 101 audio sessions where folks can ask questions and get involved

  • Monthly audio/video learning opportunities within Discord

  • Meaningful participation from at least 50% of Discord members each month (not sure how to define "meaningful" yet, but that's the vibe).

More soon on all of the above! I'm very excited to enter into the new year with these goals and with all of you. 

Top Stories from the Podcasting Community on Discord

Thank you to everyone who shared stories, recommendations, links, and resources with us. To alert the moderators of something, send us a DM or reply to this email. 

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  • TEACH: I (Arielle) am inviting you to contribute to a blog post for the EarBuds blog about what you've learned from podcasts in 2022. Submit here.

  • PRESS RELEASE: James Cridland shared a link to his blog post about how to send the best press releases in the world. Read it.

  • FREE VIDEOS: Aug X Labs is offering 15 free videos per week that their team will make for your podcast. Register for the free beta — and when you get to the survey, tell them you learned about them through this Discord. Do it.

Podcast of the Week

Keelin, one of our moderators, selects one podcast per week from the links submitted in #self-promo.

This week, One Shot, submitted by Ryan Boelter:

In this 2.5-hour bonus episode, the improv Live Action Role-Playing group 20-sided Tavern joined James D'Amato to play the RPG Hark! It's Santa!

Member News

The following news stories have been shared throughout the week in the #self-promo channel on Discord. To be included, make sure you're posting there!

  • From Tal: "I just published the last issue of the year for Podplane, my monthly newsletter curating podcasts by trans and nonbinary creators."

  • From Michele: "In episode 53 of STEAM Powered, I speak with Shirley Yu, founder of Choosii, the social app for collectors."

  • From DocWinters: "The latest episode of I Was Only Doing My Job: Australia's Military History Podcast is now live, chronicling the life services and legacy of leading aircraftman Noel Ervin Shipp."

  • From Spicy Nigel: A new episode of Among the Stacks it out, in which a deal is reached between the world for the fate of one who has been lost. Listen.

  • From HashSlingingSlasher666: "We got to interview Anna Tierney, currently starring in 'Three Pines' of Prime Video, and voice of Pandora in the amazing cult classic 'Psycho Goreman.'"

  • From mattncheeze: Glassbox Media has signed a new podcast, Easy Stores in English, to its slate of podcasts.

  • From Andresleo47: "I wanted to share my last episode of the year [of Latin Jukebox]...46 songs, 23 in English, 23 in Spanish...all from 2022."

Dispatcher of the Week

Welcome to our member spotlight section! To be featured in a future issue of the newsletter, DM us on Discord or reply to this email!

Meet Liz Hames

Liz is the director of podcast marketing at JAR Audio, a branded podcast agency based out of Canada. Liz is also the host and producer of the CBC podcast Slumtown.


These events are sourced from within Discord.

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