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This newsletter contains dispatches from the Podcasting Community on Discord.

Issue 6 | January 20, 2023


Here's to another Friday in the wonderful world of podcasting! As we dust off the gingerbread crumbs and snowflakes, it's time to snap back to reality with podcasting events and industry news just on the horizon.

Our beloved Discord Community has been sharing productions, pets, tips and recommendations and we've taken the cream of the crop to include in this newsletter.

Notorious podcast mogul and our illustrious administrator, Arielle Nissenblatt, has also just started releasing information about her upcoming podcast trailers podcast (yes, just the trailers) and would love you to submit your entries!

As always, keep sharing the big wins, post your best resources and tips, and offer a helping hand to a fellow podcaster in need. We love seeing you in the Discord Community every week!

— Matthew Bliss (Moderator)

Top Stories from the Podcasting Community on Discord

Thank you to everyone who shared stories, recommendations, links, and resources with us throughout the week.

  • Google Podcasts mysteriously disappears from Google Search: James Cridland of Podnews was stumped — does this mean YouTube Podcasts are close? Read the article.

  • A chart from Listen Notes shows a listener drop since the pandemic: Do you agree that honing your craft and sticking with it is the answer? Read the tweet.

  • Apple announces new Macbooks with M2 chip: Are you thinking about an upgrade? Check out the new models.

  • Want to engage your audience AND read the script? NVIDIA Broadcast software now dynamically makes your eyeballs look at the camera with AI! 👀 Read the article.

  • Get featured in Kattie Laur's newsletter! @PodKatt on Twitter is hunting for new indie podcasters from Canada to feature in her newsletter. If you fit the bill, reply to her tweet to let her know!

NVIDIA Broadcast's "Eye Contact" function means you can read the script!

Member News

The following news stories have been shared throughout the week with us in the #📢 | self-promo channel on Discord. To be included, make sure you're sharing with us!

  • The Crossed Wires team recorded an entire episode using a SteamDeck! To hear about the process and an interview with the founder of SteamDeck HQ, listen to their episode.

  • Previously featured creator, Ryan Boelter, had a big release day: A recap episode of crowd favourite Character Creation Cast, AND the launch of a Patreon-only series called Undying Bonds. Head here to support the project.

  • From @evanlian: "If anyone here is a fan of Morning Brew's podcast, Business Casual, I recently got to interview Kinsey Grant, the former host who launched the show and is now a co-founder at Smooth Media!" Listen here.

  • From @pcsquared: "I wrote this latest episode for About A Girl. It was a challenge to tackle some topics like sexual abuse and mental health without making people want to turn it off immediately." Check it out here.

  • Brad Williams, creator of Signal Awards nominated Once Upon A Wasteland, is interviewed on the Nukapedia Podcast. Click here to watch the episode on YouTube.

Crossed Wires podcast records an episode entirely on a SteamDeck!

Podcast of the Week

Podcast Recommendation of the Week logo featuring Digital Folklore podcast logo on a yellow background

Podcast Recommendation of the Week - Digital Folklore

Keelin, one of our moderators, selects one podcast per week from the links submitted in #self-promo.

This week, Digital Folklore!

Forget what you know about audio narrative design and non-fiction documentaries. Digital Folklore flips the script by combining the two to tackle the biggest cultural mysteries on the Internet and shedding light on monsters, memes, and viral crazes. The first episode, covering Slenderman and Momo, launched this week and is available now!

Dispatcher of the Week

Welcome to our member spotlight section! To be featured in a future issue of the newsletter, DM us on Discord or reply to this email!

Meet Billy Procida

Billy hosts The Manwhore Podcast: Sex-Positive Conversations in partnership with Glassbox Media. In 2014, he started chatting with my exes about sex, dating, and why they didn't work out. Now, Billy hosts sex-positive conversations with dating experts, sex educators, porn stars, feminist writers, politicians, and performers. He wears most every hat: host, editor, booker, business manager, fan communities moderator, social media assistant, live event producer, and publicist.

He has served as a producer on another podcast and takes consulting clients often.


These events are sourced from within Discord. Make sure to submit your events so we can feature them!

Podfest Logo with details of session: January 26 to 29, 2023 in Orlando, Florida.

PODFEST EXPO on January 26 to 29, 2023 in Orlando, Florida

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